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A Selection of Great Compare Contrast Essay Topic Examples

The main problem when it comes to searching for an impressive compare and contrast essay topic to start your writing task is selecting a subject that is synchronously narrow yet extensive enough to provide you with a great deal of material. Indeed, this form of essay is taught in school for several reasons.

For a fact, these are comparably easy to teach, comprehend and structure. The good thing about them is that students can usually understand the format with merely a little amount of instruction.

In reality, there are a great deal of resources on various academic sites that could assist when instructing compare and contrast essays.

If you are in need of compare and contrast essay topics to explore, you can take a look of the following collections:

  • Baroque Art versus Renaissance Art
  • Capitalism versus Socialism
  • Offense versus Defense
  • Medicine in Ancient China versus Medicine in Ancient Greece
  • Roman Mythology versus Greek Mythology
  • Socrates versus Plato
  • Traditional Education versus Online Education
  • Private Transportation versus Public Transportation
  • Alice Walker versus Maya Angelou
  • Staying at Home versus Traveling
  • Modern Liberalism versus Classical Liberalism
  • The person you love versus the person who loves you
  • Summer versus Spring
  • Romeo and Juliet versus The Hamlet
  • American concept of beauty versus Korean concept of beauty

What to ponder on when deciding what to concentrate on your compare and contrast essay?

It is fundamental to decide which similarities and differences are valuable, engrossing and germane enough to be added in your essay. Take into account that it is very indispensable to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is relevant to the course?
  • What is applicable to the assigned task?
  • What is instructive and engrossing?
  • What‘s central or fundamental and the needs to be stated even if evident?
  • What is so valuable to the argument that you’re going to make?
  • What is more significant, the alikeness or distinctness?

You can assist the target reader keep track of where you are in the essay, for sure; you will prefer to ensure that your topic and transitional sentences are particularly strong. In like manner, your thesis must already have provided the reader an idea of the main points you shall be making as well as the organization that you shall be using. The good news is that you could aid the readers with some additional cues.

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