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Offbeat ideas for your persuasive essay on same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage may be the biggest craze since cell phone became a thing, yet, the issue is much more impacting than hand held phones were, for some people, at least. Personally, I don’t see what the big issue is, but many people seem to find that it isn’t a matter that can be simply dismissed. For this reason, there are many surveys, research ventures and out reach programs, to try to alleviate the high tension situation existing around the topic of same-sex marriage.

When writing an essay on this topic, you can go just about anywhere with your inquiries, assumptions and ideas. The things we don’t know or understand about homosexuality are quite numerous and no one person can claim to have all the information. For this reason, most of the heterosexual world has no choice other than to speculate on the impact this group in society will have on their lives.

  1. Religious restraints
  2. Religion is a significant force in the lives of most people on the planet, it doesn’t matter where you are from. It’s no surprise that many religious groups have a lot to say about the issue of same-sex marriage. By focusing on this angle, you can give yourself a good angle to start your approach into the topic, after all, most people wish to get married by religious leaders.

  3. Psychological effect on a child raised by a same-sex couple
  4. Children raised in by a same-sex couple will be faced with many challenges, least of which will be dealing with their friends from school. How will having to grow up without any influence from one gender affect a child’s happiness?

  5. Societal pressures in home neighborhood.
  6. After getting married, couples will need a home to live in. This can be tricky, many people believe that having same-sex couples living in their area will decrease the value of their properties and so many homeowners fight against their entry.

  7. Job opportunities
  8. Before same-sex marriage existed, homosexuals would hide their sexual orientation from the public eye, or at their workplace. For a same-sex couple, this would be impossible to do. Is it possible that this will affect the ability of homosexuals to find work?

  9. Health issues
  10. Would same-sex, married couples require different medical attention than hetero sexual couple?

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