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List Of 18 Topics For Your Expository Essay About Xenophobia

In today’s society, there is not much that could be considered “unexpected” anymore. Individuals are becoming more cautious about their surroundings more than ever.

Unfortunately with terrorist attacks and daily murders that happen all around the world, some people are starting to lose faith and trust in specific countries. Because of the latter, many individuals of specific races/nationalities are becoming hated for things that they have no direct involvement with.

Today we are going to discuss 18 topics you can choose from with your essay covering xenophobia.

  1. Is there a cause/reason as to why an individual would have xenophobia?
  2. Are current terrorist attacks around the world part of the problem?
  3. Is there a specific beginning/birth time of when xenophobia began? If so, what was going on around that period?
  4. Should we question individuals on why they have xenophobia or simply let them be?
  5. How can we help individuals with xenophobia overcome their fears?
  6. What are general situations/warning signs we [general public] should be aware that can trigger an individual experiencing xenophobia?
  7. Is xenophobia a curable mental fear?
  8. Are there specific foreign countries that are identified with xenophobia more than others?
  9. Discuss how individuals whom have xenophobia act in social environments with individuals from other countries.
  10. Is it possible for someone to have xenophobia towards one specific country?
  11. Cover your own personal experience when it comes to having xenophobia. Are there specific reasons as to why you feel such a way about a specific country(s)?
  12. Do you think that it is justifiable for individuals to have xenophobia towards countries including Muslim territory?
  13. Can an individual have xenophobia, yet still date someone from the country which triggers them?
  14. Talk about specific solutions one could take when it comes to having xenophobia. Would traveling to the country(s) be a great remedy?
  15. Discuss a counterargument to individuals that think xenophobia is actually a mental disorder.
  16. Talk about individuals who were able to overcome their xenophobia experiences.
  17. Is xenophobia something that teenagers/adults experience over time or can kids begin to have it at a young age?
  18. Can xenophobia be a hereditary mindset within a family’s history?

As you can see, there are a variety of approaches and topics that you can take when writing your essay about xenophobia. Choose any topic that interest you or even something you have been through personally with xenophobia.

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