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Enhancing your essay writing skills: tactics and strategies

Essay is a literary composition or a scholarly writing prepared by a student based on a particular topic, event, place or a person. These are articles constructed with organized paragraphs and it follows a set of rules or guidelines which needs to be followed strictly. There are many forms of descriptive writing which includes argumentative, criticisms, evaluations, rhetoric analysis, art critical analysis, comparative articles etc.

The general format of an article includes certain sections and they are

  • Title of the article
  • Introduction
  • Article body
  • Conclusion

Tactics to compile an effective essay:

  • Selecting a topic for your article: Your article writing begins once you choose a desired topic or a theme. In most of the cases you will be provided with a specific topic to build an article or else you will be given the freedom to choose your own favorite topic. The first phase is to develop a meaningful title based on the topic and it should provide maximum clarity to the readers.
  • Researching on the topic: once you have provided with a topic to develop an article, it is essential for you to conduct a thorough research about the topic. Collect as many information you can get on the topic and organize them. Take important notes and collect meaningful illustrations, statistics and graphical representations etc which gives a clear picture about a topic on a wider spectrum.
  • Preparing an outline for your article: once you collect the required data for constructing a write-up, it is important to organize them and put into the paper systematically. The outline serves as a foundation for your descriptive writing and creates your ideas into different paragraphs.
  • Establishing a thesis statement: the thesis statement can be defined as the essence of tour topic in which you highlight it within a statement or two to the readers. It should never deviate from your actual topic and it is important for a thesis statement be precise and comprehensive.
  • A good usage of language is essential for your descriptive writing and it should be prepared on a particular tense only. Including famous quotations, phrases which substantiate your points are recommended and it defines your quality of the work. The lines in the paragraphs must be properly aligned and your font and the font size must be constant throughout the article.

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