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Where to Look for Persuasive Essay Examples

Did you know that you could use a sample as a guide when you are composing your own composition? You can have it beside you to show you what a good paper should look like. You are not going to copy it, but instead mimic the structure and method in which it was written. This is called modeling, and many teachers like to use this method when teaching writing.

You can model on your own, if you can find a good sample. We have some advice for you on where to look for persuasive essay examples. Fisrt of all, you need to check your sample for quality. You do not want to model after a piece that ahs been written incorrectly.

Where to Look

  • Perform a general search on the Internet in order to find your model.
  • Buy a book of models from the bookstore or the education store. You can shop in person or online.
  • You can also go to the bookstore or the media center and purchase an anthology of essay samples.
  • You could go to see your teacher and ask him or her to look at comparison and contrast pieces. All teachers keep copies of the good compositions that have been submitted to him or her. You won’t be able to take the papers out of the room, but you can look at them.
  • If you employ a professional writing company, you will see that they can complete all kind of writing services for you. One of those services can be a model of comparison and contrast persuasive essays.
  • If you have friends who are good writers, you can ask them for a look at their pieces. Assure them that you will not be copying their work but instead you are suing the work as a model alone. Maybe you can return the favor and help your friend with a subject that you might struggle in some time.
  • If your school has a writing lab, you can go and look at their archived papers. You can also get assistance from their attendants. The writing lab can give you a large amount of assistance. Once you finish the paper, you can it to the lab and get them to proof and edit it.

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