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Composing a Good Descriptive Essay Outline with Ease

What is a descriptive essay? It’s a paper that allows your readers to see a vivid picture of an event, a person, a situation, etc. In a descriptive project, you share a true experience with your readers, so, you need to make it as bright as you can.

What for Do You Need an Outline?

As a rule, students who are not told to compose an outline as a necessary part of their projects, give it only a little attention. In most cases, if the outline is not a part of the assignment, students avoid writing it because they consider it to be a waste of time. Yet, you need to understand the importance and value of the outline as a part of your own work. With its help, you can be much more effective and successful.

How to Compose an Outline

  1. Think over your topic.
  2. Having a topic of your descriptive essay, you have already thought a little about what you are going to write in it. Now, it’s the right time to think over it carefully and with more details. You need to know exactly what you are going to describe, where you are going to start, and what the consequence of events in your text will be.

  3. Remember about the structure of the project.
  4. Normally, all essays consist of three main parts, which are an introduction, body, and conclusions. In a descriptive essay, you will hardly set any precise goals or make any thesis statements. Yet, there should be an introductory paragraph that will let your readers know what they are going to read further. The same is with the conclusions that should recapitulate the text smoothly.

  5. Give attention to details.
  6. The more detailed your outline is, the easier it is to write the paper. However, composing a detailed outline, you need to remember about its structure. Use a multilevel list, in which the major levels will denote the main parts of your project and the secondary will refer to details within the main parts of the text.

  7. Make it comfortable to you.
  8. In case the outline is not a necessary part of the project, make it comfortable for usage. Have as many levels as you want, make the outline as detailed as you wish, have all the notes and remarks that are useful to you.

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